Monday, March 24, 2014

Wow! Busy group of ladies creating some fun pieces this Sunday!
Everyone concentrating on figures that could fly!
While Peppino snored in the background to entertain us.
Spring is coming slowly this year but
we will all be ready with a new sculpture for our garden.
Can't wait! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Paverpol Workshop Updates

Paverpol Workshops 

Create a unique piece of ART in just one day!
Paverpol workshops by Lizzie Ciesluk, CPI
Join in on all the fun , bring a friend, book a group, have your pet pampered next door
 at Posh Puppies at the same time. 613-321-3661
Britannia Village is becoming a community of Women Artists with lots to see & do in the area shops.
Come check it out , coffee is always on.


Sunday, Feb. 16 Booked
Sunday, March 2 Booked
Sunday, March 23 Booked
More dates to follow
...keep tuned in.
 Artist by Design Studio
244 Britannia Rd. west end
Times: 10 - 3
Cost : Beginners Class $95.00 plus extra  $5.00 for base
Advanced Class $120.00 plus extra $5.00 for base
Deposit of $50.00 requested.

All supplies & materials included.
Bring your own lunch
Beverages and Treats provided.
Call 613-558-3103

Monday, September 24, 2012


Paverpol Exhibition  Sept. 14-16 , 2012
Dutch Hill Gallery, Spencerville, Canada
Over 30 Paverpol teachers & students gathered on the weekend to celebrate their Creativity.
What a blast! People from across the country from Vancouver, Alberta to PEI were there with so much energy and excitement to learn new techniques from the Dutch Goddess of Paverpol herself,
Jossy de Roode.
Everyone hung on every word Jossy said, shared their tricks and enjoyed every second of being with people who loved working with Paverpol as much as they did.
Who could ask for a better time.
Thanks to Herman & Thecla Kluck for inviting us to their new gallery in Spencerville
and being the gracious hosts they were.
Also to Annet Holierhoek for organizing it all.
A lot of work but worth every moment guys!!!

What Fun Ladies!!

Another great group from ADU, ( All Dolled Up ) with Margo Kealey friends & family.
Amazing how everyone did something completely differant and completely wonderful.
Lots of laughs and creativity . Even got a chance to take a break and do some thrift shopping across the street. Does not get better than that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OMMA, Ottawa Mixed Media Artists

Paverpol Workshop
Our first class with some of the OMMA ( Ottawa Mixed Media ) group and it was fantastic!
Beautiful sunny day, good food, and amazing creativity .
Thank you for the best time ever!

I have been so hyped up about it l have been in my studio ever since creating new pieces.
Keep a watch on my blog site for new updates and tell everyone how much fun it is!!! 
Lizzie Biz

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paverpol Gold Fish Prop

Paverpol Goldfish by Markus Whitbread , props master
Goldfish re-created  actual size  for Mouki TV show episode
with transparent Paverpol, paper, silk ribbon and gold paint.
An amazing piece of ART and so cute!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paverpol is for Everyone!!

After the joy of  teaching many Paverpol Workshops in the past few years
and seeing many of my students go on to being  Paverpol Teachers themselves,
 it never seizes to amaze me how each creation made is so differant.
Everyone has their own vision and imagination in this
amazing new Art Form.

Keep up the great work everyone!!!!
and see you soon for upcoming  Paverpol Workshops