Monday, September 24, 2012


Paverpol Exhibition  Sept. 14-16 , 2012
Dutch Hill Gallery, Spencerville, Canada
Over 30 Paverpol teachers & students gathered on the weekend to celebrate their Creativity.
What a blast! People from across the country from Vancouver, Alberta to PEI were there with so much energy and excitement to learn new techniques from the Dutch Goddess of Paverpol herself,
Jossy de Roode.
Everyone hung on every word Jossy said, shared their tricks and enjoyed every second of being with people who loved working with Paverpol as much as they did.
Who could ask for a better time.
Thanks to Herman & Thecla Kluck for inviting us to their new gallery in Spencerville
and being the gracious hosts they were.
Also to Annet Holierhoek for organizing it all.
A lot of work but worth every moment guys!!!

What Fun Ladies!!

Another great group from ADU, ( All Dolled Up ) with Margo Kealey friends & family.
Amazing how everyone did something completely differant and completely wonderful.
Lots of laughs and creativity . Even got a chance to take a break and do some thrift shopping across the street. Does not get better than that.